Franchise Poppio

Global in Taste & Variety

Imported Ingredients

Star ingredients imported so that the flavour and essence is retained and unmatched.



150+ Beverages

Tea, shakes, mocktails and more. Experience plenty of variety like never before.

Something New

The menu is experimented and updated every three months based on market trends.



Multiple models

Multi-variant franchise engagement models to choose and invest

Poppio - Flavour of Texas

Poppio is a one stop destination for high-quality food at pocket-friendly prices. Started in 2016 as a small proprietary venture in Kolkata, West Bengal, the brand is synonymous with exotic fried chicken, delectable pizzas, juicy burgers and beverages.

Inspired by global flavours, the brand has an interesting mix of foods that are crowd-favourites from different countries and all of it are packaged into an exclusive pocket-friendly menu.

Poppio Mantra – Food should be prepared with the same love with which it is enjoyed.

With the fast-food industry being a promising yet highly volatile space, the brand is a perfect example of a fast growth success story purely riding on quality, taste and goodwill. Here is a perfect investment opportunity for budding entrepreneurs with a flair for food and experimenting.

Why Partner With Poppio?

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Strong Proof of Concept

The brand’s success story and growth are testimony to the fact that it is a workable and profitable model.

Comprehensive Snacking Options

A mix of different flavours and offerings, be it a quick bite or full-fledged meal, the brand has it all.

Consistent Taste

No fluctuations in price. No fluctuations in quality. No fluctuations in service. No fluctuations in taste.

Low Investment & High Returns

Tried and tested model. Returns guaranteed in a short time.

Order repeat rate

Has a track record of 80% order repeat rate.

Exclusive Training Support

In-house training module in place and shared with and imparted to all franchisee partners.


Market Opportunities

With India set to be one of the world’s largest consumer base of young adults, the fast food and quick bites market is a highly coveted prize for firms across the world.

Due to the growing exposure to the international cultures and lifestyles, Indians have started experimenting with food. They are developing their tastes for different cuisines, apart from traditional Indian cuisine.

The market for chain restaurants, including cafes and quick service restaurants (QSR), is expected to grow at 20% a year to reach Rs. 51,000 crore ($8bn) by 2021.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) market in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 18% during 2021-2025 due to increasing urbanization, rapid expansion in food delivery services, expanding young & working population, growing number of dual-income families and rising disposable income in the country.

Poppio Franchise Snapshot - Six Strong Points

| Area Required – 500 – 1500 square feet | Total Investment – 12 – 35 Lakhs |

| Franchise Fee – 6 Lakh | Payback Period – 1 Year, 6 Months |

| Average ROI – 66% | Order Repeat Rate – 80% |

Franchise Models

Investment Budget Range – 12 to 35 Lakhs

Investment Breakup

Initial Investment 5 Lakhs + Taxes
Kitchen Expenses 3.5 Lakhs
Interiors 5 Lakhs
Marketing & Promotions Subjective
Basic Moderate Aggressive
Sale Per Day 8000 10000 15000
Sale Per Month 2.4 Lakhs 3 Lakhs 4.5 Lakhs
Deduction (-35% Food Cost) – 84000 -105000 -157500
Deduction (-6% Royalty) -14400 -18000 -27550
Deduction (Rent) -40000 -50000 -70000
Deduction (Staff Salary – 3 to 5 Employees) -30000 -45000 -60000
Deduction (Electricity) -7000 -8000 -15000
Miscellaneous Expenses -4000 -5000 -10000
Profit Per Month 60600 69000 116500
Payback Period 18 Months 14 Months 11 Months

Support To Franchise

Our quest is to bring the finest of recipes to our clients and transform every opportunity into a delightful experience. Apart from the menu and interiors that sets us as a unique brand, our well-packaged support services to our franchisees ensure to make the business and the journey completely wholesome.

  • Real Estate Selection
  • Interior Design
  • Branding
  • Store Setup & Launch
  • Employee Training
  • Marketing Tie-ups
  • POS System

Time To Fire It Up With Team Zorro!

We are expanding and looking for energetic, enthusiastic and food-loving entrepreneurs to join us as we take our brand to all corners of the country. This is the perfect time and opportunity to invest and grow together. We are ready to give it our all and chart our next success story. Are you?

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