EXQUISITE KITCHEN Five Brands Under One Roof

5 Brands in One

A cloud kitchen with five brands to add to an exquisitely diversified menu at a price of one to franchise



Multi-branded Cuisine

Attracts more customers with five brands under one; to choose from a variety of cuisine that suits their liking



Quality with Credibility

With brands and their standardized recipes, quality is controlled and recipes are offered only from specialized brands



Schedule & Pre-order

Flexibility in service and variety of occasion to cater to, this service pulls in customers who give importance to comfort


Multiple Brands at a Single Click

Exquisite Kitchen has been driving customers to Cloud nine with its yummiest range of foods; delivered fresh at doorstep. With five brands that provide a variety of cuisine, we exclusively cater your food cravings with a differentiated menu. Apart from taking regular orders Exquisite Kitchen is also a brand that you can happily rely on for you small get-togethers, family occasions to corporate events.

A hassle-free order that you can make with just a tap on your mobile. We connect to the widest of audience with a network and credibility created through brands, an incredible business model and a service that provides the best of menu variety at the comfort of your homes.

A strong shift from dine-in formats to home deliveries, where consumer preferences are inclined to comfort, ease and an at home service, Exquisite Kitchen offers a desirable opportunity to treat your craving to franchise.

Feed on Success with a Franchise


Customer Base

We cover and cater to every occasion from birthdays to corporate events. A well-assorted range of products with an equally varied customers to cater to

Competitive Pricing

A minimal investment model with minimal costs allows you to offer high quality food at an attractive price

Capital-light & Cost effective

Several brands are incubated in a single kitchen. Low investment on location, furniture and interiors. The focus is on utilities and cleanliness, best ingredients and high quality of food.


As the menu is simple and pre-prepared, many activities are automated. Especially packaging, online tracking systems for service, delivery and inventory.

Quality of Food

A centralized kitchen and brand’s offering their standards, quality and consistency in taste and delivery are ensured

Our Models

 Store Model
Area Required 500 – 600 Sqft.
Total Brands 5
Set Up Cost 18 Lakhs(including HR cost, staff, branding, signage, equipment, technology)
Franchisee Fee 3 Lakhs
Tax INR 54,000/-
Royality 4%

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