Purely Unadulterated

Free of synthetic flavorings, colour additives and off-the-shelf mixes, our ingredients toxic-free

Competitive Product Mix

A differentiated menu with product range that makes it a highly inclusive brand for consumers

Priced & Packaged

Pocket friendly prices, an interesting product mix offered to an under serviced market is a winning package in itself

Innovative Shakes

In blends and flavours of chocolate, nuts, fruits; a new dimension to ice cream turned milkshakes


Belly’s an ice cream and milkshake brand that offers a rich flavoursome variety of milkshakes made from ice creams with ingredients having no colour additives or harmful chemicals. Flavours and texture is churned from the natural process and through the innovative blend of ingredients. Belly’s is a first of its kind brand that offers a product mix that cater to a wider audience making consumers inclusive to try new tastes at price points that’s hard to believe.

Belly’s provide a fun filling experience to a market space that is quite under served and sometimes left untapped too; a taste indulging venture worth to try your hands on!

A Chilled Flavoursome Opportunity to Engage



Additive & chemical free products makes it relevant to the health conscious consumers adding to the appeal

Minimal Investment

Works on a minimal investment model where the product mix and model facilitates an easy turnaround time

Lesser Competition

Lesser market players giving out such a product offering, which increases the scope of success

Attractive Price Points

The variety in milkshakes offered are so rich in quality, flavour and experience; that the price points often comes as a surprise

Rightly Targeted

Product, price and marketing appeals the younger consumers that are more in number and are the ones targeted

Our Models

Stand Alone Store Model
Store Size 150-300Sqft
Investment 5-10 Lakhs
ROI 9-12 Months
Locations South India & Maharashtra

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