Yummy Pizzas Served
in New York Style

World-Class Ingredients

Customized mix created by the world’s largest speciality flour supplier

Authentic Delicacies

Recipes curated directly from the chefs of New York, made authentically in India

Affordable Outlets

The franchise models are designed to be affordable, a value for money kind

Easy Breakeven

Franchise models that are designed to keep costs low and allow a quicker breakeven of your business

New York Slice

The Authentic New York Style Pizza

We are the authentic New York Style pizza in India with recipes curated directly by chefs from New York. Our pizzas taste delicious as we make them fresh using high quality ingredients and pure mozzarella cheese. Our quality has created our mark in the industry. We strive for constant & utmost satisfaction from our customers and allies.

We have a strong presence across 6 cities in more than 10 outlets, having introduced the New York Street- styled jumbo slices in India. Our handmade pizza pies, fresh dough kneaded every day, specially customized flour from World’s best flour mill in the US, makes us a brand a class apart from the rest. An irresistible franchise opportunity with a scope to serve anywhere from Airports to Universities, from Hi-streets To Shopping malls, with a menu that is as desirable as the opportunity itself!

Competitive Advantages

  • Dough made fresh everyday
  • Best in class meats
  • Pure mozzarella cheese
  • Hand crafted – Brings value for the customer
  • Customized Mix Created by World’s Largest Specialty Flour Supplier

Distribution Strategy

  • Targets strategic location for higher footfall
  • Colleges, coaching and academies as select audience
  • Prefers for lower rental outlets


Buisness Advantages

  • Low-cost outlets
  • Investor-friendly sustainable business model
  • Customized and patented dough flour
  • Low breakeven and reasonable profits
  • Facilitates nearly 80% repeat purchase
  • Franchise model that makes attainable turnovers

Role of Master Franchise

  • Established in Key Markets
  • Lends Management Expertise to Units
  • Eases Locality/territory Selection

Our Models

Unit Franchise 
Stall set-up area 500 Sq. Ft.
Franchisee Fee 5 Lakhs
Interior & Exterior Cost 9 Lakhs
Equipment Cost(Estimated) 9 Lakhs
Total Store Setup Cost
(Including Franchisee Fees estimated)
23 Lakhs
Launch & Marketing Expenses 1.85 Lakhs
Launch & Marketing Expenses 1.85 Lakhs
Responsibilities Setup outlet
Operations according to NYS’s standards
Local marketing activities
Royalty 9%
Manpower 3-4 People
Marketing Contribution 4%
Agreement Period 5 Years
Renewal 5+5
Food Cost 30%
ROI 20-24 Months

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