Start with YUMZY Redefine Food Delivery & Restaurant Management Business

First in India

The only Food Delivery Platform, that connects restaurants & customers through AI-enabled technology driving user experience and sales to maximum levels.


Complete access to customer analytics, unbiased restaurant listings, lower commissions, everything targeted to ensure business enhancement.

Investor’s Upbeat App

Get the best of value-added sales pitch & proposition with discounts, personalized food access and endless premium listings designed to tap restaurants and customers to a 100% mark.

Exclusive Franchise Package

Expertly supported with technology, get everything in one place – Online Listing & Ordering Platform, Business App, Delivery Fleet and Customer Support.

In-Demand, Highly Accepted

Four major cities with 6000 restaurants onboard, invest into a fool-proof technology that’s been growing in business everyday.

Yumzy! Transforming the way it works for you!

With online food delivery business taking a leap of growth in India, YUMZY is your brand to make it big! Quite different platform for food delivery – Yumzy is a brand creating a new path using technology to its advantage. Yumzy features itself as an easy to use, interactive and intuitive app that provides a holistic approach for franchisees to make the best of the entire value-chain from food providers to the end customers with a cutting-edge user-experience in the offering.

India’s 1st Hyperlocal Market Concept, we support to bring out and provide access to the best possibilities in the food delivery business by intelligently bridging the gap between restaurant owners and customers with technology-driven solutions.

With an undeniable growth and wide acceptance in the F&B ecosystem and the modern methods that enhance a contact less functioning, Yumzy is surely a delightful franchise initiative. Yumzy currently operates in four metropolis – Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Vizag having more than 6000 restaurants on-board and is on a growth spree with its high future potential!

Now is the Time. Get The Ultimate Advantage!

YUMZY an innovative, advanced Hyper-local food delivery initiative stands ahead of its counterparts with restaurant-supported technologies to empower business, along with a galore of value-added services that makes it unique.


Be All-informed

AI-enabled Yumzy app brings you data on what is liked and sold most. Thus gets business strategizing and execution way better with a clear understanding of the customer.

Easy, Interactive, Intuitive Technology

Built with advanced technology and specific tools, Yumzy app optimizes user-experience and provides an easy and error-free access to every value-chain aspect of your business.

Unbiased Restaurant Listing

Tap in on every potential customer by having an unbiased complete restaurant listing showcased under the specific geographical purview, with user preferences filtered.

Viable Discounts

Discounts are directly linked with restaurant sales, aptly displayed to attract customers and also intelligently make it viable for the restaurant supplier.

Attractive ROI

An asset light model and low investment ensures high returns, an apt form to invest in especially in times like these.

Same Day Settlement

Satisfies restaurants in terms of lower commissions rates in comparison to aggregators and also by ensuring same day payment settlements.

Explore. Engage. Franchise!

Technology-driven, restaurant-supportive, low-investment and a booming F&B industry; a franchise business opportunity you never want to miss out on!

Area Allocation City/Zone/Area
Minimum number of restaurants in the given locations 1000+
Agreement duration 5 year
Renewal duration 5 year
Projected breakeven 12 – 14 months
Proposed investment INR 60 Lakhs + (Including Brand Fees)
Royalty 6.5 %

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