Your favourite food with a yummy twist Yummpy's

Exquisite Menu

Menu recipes innovated in line with market trends, hence loved for the change in variety offered

Quick Service

Expert chefs and menu standardization ensures to maintain good sales with low waiting time


Comes with the universal fondness of  Maggi with an interesting twist, is loved and accepted by all age groups

No lean period

As a quick alternative to a meal at reasonable prices, we are always running in demand


Yummpy’s, a Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) F&B brand provides economic, hygienic and high-quality F&B products. Yummpy’s recipes with Maggi are created to be original with exclusively seasoning from finest of spices offering 30 plus recipes to relish. Relocation for work and study and with youngsters looking out for alternate quicker meals, Yummpy’s as a brand has found its ever growing niche and acceptance from food lovers. Food served hot with minimal waiting time, easy on the pocket, much to the delight of our customers.

An exquisite range of menu mix, the love for quick serve foods across age groups and the scope of online sale platforms; Yummpy’s can be your dream franchise to invest in.

Franchise package tasty to invest


A Spicy Twist

Signature Maggi recipes are original and best teamed with other menu products; is a complete package to offer and attract

Internationally Accredited

Our ingredients come with an International accreditation, assures quality

Inventory Well-managed

A central kitchen and supply of ingredients standardize and smoothen the whole process, ensuring you never fall short of anything

People & Price

Urbanized, desirable yet packed with food that is fulfilling in quantity, taste and yumminess with innovative menu at prices that make it worth for value

Franchisor Expertise

With an ever-growing outlets in major cities of India, our collaborations are teamed with resources, training and support in set-up inclusive of marketing

Our Models

Unit Franchise
Store Area In Sqft 150 – 300 Sqft.
Franchisee Fee 5 Lakhs
Interior & Exterior Cost 2 Lakhs
Equipment Cost(Estimated) 2 Lakhs
Total Store Setup Cost 08 Lakhs
Responsibilites Setup Of Outlet

Operations According To Yummpy’s Standards

Local Marketing Activities

Royalty Range 6% Gross Sales
Man Power 4 Peoples
Agreement Period 4 Years
Renewal 4+4
Margin 50-55%
Average Ticket size & Footfalls Rs 100-200
Break Even 1 Year
Master Franchise
Franchise Fee(One Outlet cost setup included) 25 Lakhs
Launch Expenses, Storage & Others 3 Lakhs
Total MF Cost(Including Franchise Fees,Estimated) 28 Lakhs
Responsibilites Setup Of Outlet

Operations According To Yummpy’s Standards

Local Marketing Activities, audit & supply of the raw materials

Royalty to pay on own stores 3% Gross Sales
Royalty cut to MF from all the franchisee stores in the region 3% of Gross Sales
Franchisee Fee margin for every new franchisee 50%
Man Power 5 Peoples
Agreement Period 5 Years
Renewal 5+5
Break Even 1.5 Years

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