Fresh. Organic. Grilled Goodness

The Finest To Franchise

Grilled Goodness

Grilling is an art. The menu has a perfect selection of grilled offerings and sides that go well with them.

Fun & Creative Decor

A feel of a grill house right from the first step in but the comfort of a restaurant once settled in. Mood setters – smoky aromas, ambience, decor, and raw vibe.



Experimentation & Innovation

Constantly evolving menu and recipes cater to shifting consumer preferences and market trends. Setting the bar high, one dish at a time.

Fresh & Organic

Fast food that is tasty, healthy, and having organic ingredients makes the brand highly distinct from its counterparts.



Best Chefs

Trained and experienced chefs who love grilling, experimenting, and feeding are behind every dish to provide you with the finest taste.   


Grill & Shout

Zorro is an upscale fast-food chain specializing in grilled goodies, quick bites, and continental offerings. Relying on continuous research, experimentation and innovation, the brand has carved a niche in the market within a truly short span and brings in the American taste with a pinch of robust Indian spices – a best of both worlds.

Zorro – Grill & Shout, is a perfect balance of food, style and comfort. The brand prides itself in using the freshest organic ingredients and the price points are super affordable. The perfect hangout spot for the urban foodie.

Food apart, the ambience and decor are a big hit with the crowd. The fun and creative decor has different settings to suit different moods and the menu has something for everyone.

Founded by foodies, the idea and journey are personal. No compromise with food and taste. If you are looking to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey, this is a smoking hot opportunity and a perfect time to fire up your idea.

The Zorro Franchise Advantage

The Ultimate Mix of Taste, Ambience and Innovation

All-day Breakfast | BBQ Tandoori Chicken | Grilled Goodies | Chicken | Classic Burgers | Texas Fried Chicken | Chicken Wings | Shawarma | Italian Pasta & Pizza | Mocktails


Multi-Menu Concepts

The extensive range of menu offering ensures that there is something for everyone to try out.



Easy ROI

Multiple franchise models teamed with a delicious menu offers scope for easy returns on money invested.



Lucrative Model

Food and ambience as a central idea and a menu that’s all artisanal and organic, provides an attractive appeal for consumers.



Marketing Support

Support and efforts through digital marketing and promotion ensures to enhance brand presence and branch visibility.



Professional Management

From branding, store setup, interiors to logistics, training, and promotion, makes our support to franchisees all-comprehensive.


Market Opportunities

  • With India set to be one of the world’s largest consumer base of young adults, the fast food and quick bites market is a highly coveted prize for firms across the world.
  • Due to the growing exposure to the international cultures and lifestyles, Indians have started experimenting with food. They are developing their tastes for different cuisines, apart from traditional Indian cuisine.
  • The market for chain restaurants, including cafes and quick service restaurants (QSR), is expected to grow at 20% a year to reach Rs. 51,000 crore ($8bn) by 2021.
  • Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) market in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 18% during 2021-2025 due to increasing urbanization, rapid expansion in food delivery services,expanding young & working population, growing number of dual-income families and rising
    disposable income in the country

Franchise Models

Three flexible franchise models to choose from.

Minimum Area Required 100 – 300 sq ft 300 – 800 sq ft 1000 – 1800 sq ft
Total Investment 8 – 15 Lakhs 12 – 20 Lakhs 25 – 45 Lakhs
Return On Investment 12 – 15 Months 15 – 18 Months 12 – 18 Months
Franchise Fee 4 Lakhs + Tax 6 Lakhs + Tax 9 Lakhs + Tax
Agreement Term 5 Years 7 Years 10 Years

Support To Franchise

Our quest is to bring the finest of recipes to our clients and transform every opportunity into a delightful experience. Apart from the menu and interiors that sets us as a unique brand, our well-packaged support services to our franchisees ensure to make the business and the journey completely wholesome.

  • Real Estate Selection
  • Interior Design
  • Branding
  • Store Setup & Launch
  • Employee Training
  • Marketing Tie-ups
  • POS System

Time To Fire It Up With Team Zorro!

We are expanding and looking for energetic, enthusiastic and food-loving entrepreneurs to join us as we take our brand to all corners of the country. This is the perfect time and opportunity to invest and grow together. We are ready to give it our all and chart our next success story. Are you?

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