Slide VENUE: Red Fox Hotel, Vijayawada DATE: 2nd June 2023
Premier events to build franchise networks for your business

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Why Events?


Fast-track deals

Now, don’t overspend time and energies to identify potential franchise partners. Our events bring serious and prospective investors to your doorstep

Trust matters

Startup Sharks Franchise expos bring aspiring investors and ambitious brands together. Proven portfolios by companies and ready-to-invest spirit by franchise aspirants enhance the trust factor in the deals

Maximize chances

Our large-format events bring diverse companies for investors to choose their product to invest, and also multiple investors for brands to be able to expand faster at multiple locations

Be part of the impacting events on offer by Startup Sharks

At Startup Sharks, we believe that the growth and expansion of businesses is often determined by ideal platforms that bring the brands and investors together, helping them build a bond, share trust and together grow. With our proven portfolio in franchise management services, coupled by our association with diverse industry players, we constantly open windows of opportunity, much needed in building strong franchise networks. These events bring together companies that are looking to expand through new franchise outlets, and aspirants who are willing to take franchise license and sell the companies’ brands.

Events that enthuse interest and drive expansion

Our events are held on an exciting scale that elicit enthusiasm, help companies and investors forge relationships in order to expand in newer and potential markets

 Diverse and serious turnout

Startup Sharks events are marked by a decent presence of diverse brands that are looking for partners to expand through franchise mode. With stringent filtering and registration process, we ensure that only serious players take part in our events

Multi-locational, multi-industry

Our events are held at several places across the country and also feature varied industry streams. This gives a unique flexibility for both parties in choosing products and location as per their choice, business requirement and market strength

Thorough promotion

Our comprehensive promotion activities assure best-possible visibility and turnout to the events

How To Participate and Gain

For Businesses

  • Register and book your participation
  • Meet investors at the stall
  • Close deals through pre-conceived presentations

For Investors

  • Register and book your visit
  • Choose among the multitude of businesses that suit your preference, budget and market potential
  • Meet them and close the deal

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Key Participants

1. Franchisors
2. Retail companies
3. Consumer goods
4. Food and beverages
5. International businesses looking for Indian foray
6. Global franchises
7. MSMEs
8. Consultants

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