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Food, fitness customized to your need and convenience, all packed in one


Snacks and recipes crafted by expert nutritionists

Healthy Ingredients

Regular foods & snacks tweaked with healthier ingredients stay close to taste and liking

AI-powered unique concept

Brings in affordable and attainable holistic wellness solutions to your fingertips

All-in-one approach

Healthy Lifestyle In You Hands

WellnessON brings this unique concept where health, lifestyle and food is served under one platter. WellnessOn has been one of the fastest growing healthy food brand in India that caters to a holistic solution to health and wellness. It is a complete weight loss ecosystem which helps people to track healthy and unhealthy calories through a mobile APP and also provides healthier food and snacking alternatives. A healthy kitchen that features homemade Indian dishes and even snacks that you can order to be delivered or have it through one of our outlets. Food, fitness, mindset and community wellness is a base on which the brand has been growing, and has found a tremendous acceptance in customers.

WHY WellnessON?

Health and fitness has become the ‘need of the day’ more than ever now!


Unbeatable business concept

A one-of-a-kind concept that brings holistic health and lifestyle solutions that are practically attainable, and a range of healthy food that you can actually have guilt-free.


Calorie tracking, weight-loss diets, healthy snacking alternatives; we bring them all through a user-friendly mobile-app, supported by AI-technology.

In-house nutritionist

Diet plans, recipes, snacking items; everything is crafted by our in-house expert nutritionists and brought to your by experienced chefs.

Attainable solutions

A well-thought and developed APP makes it easier for the customers to slowly yet consciously shift to healthier eating habits and lifestyle.

Expansion mode

We have a vision to grow and reach as many people as possible. A venture with a passionate team that is set to grow.

Recipes of everyday

Tasty, nutritious and low calorie simple healthy recipes developed by our experts, includes Indian regular foods making it easy to adapt.

Trusted for healthy food

Our Healthy Kitchens offer food crafted by nutritionists with premium quality ingredients, no sugar, no maida, no artificial colors and no preservatives used,.

Healthy snacking

We offer a range of healthy snacks to nibble, so that your food cravings are met without any guilt whatsoever

Multi-dimensional model

The brand stands for its multi-dimensional model, a sure shot idea to win more hearts and patrons in along the way.

Franchise Model

Kitchen Equipment
Interior Designing 500000
Branding 150000
Total 1150000
Franchise Fee Non- Refundable 300000
Total Cost for Franchise 1450000
Runway Needed 864134.988
Total Capital Required 2314134.988
Area Required 600 sft
ROI 24 months
Royalty 5% after profits

Franchise! A business where food & fitness drives us to succeed!

No more quick diets or diet charts, we help our customers turn on their Wellness Journey with WellnessOn! Come join us in this incredible journey of food, health and lifestyle, where holistic solutions are crafted to make it simpler to adapt to an everyday lifestyle.

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