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Bubble tea, a product category that is witnessing a surge in markets across India.

Exclusively Exotic Menu

A menu of bubble teas with freshness, health and a dose of tasty surprise layered in every sip.

AI-powered analytics

Get customer, staff and store insights with video analytics to ensure an all-round compliance.


From kitchen, raw material to recipes, have it all easily managed with a backend software.

Precision & Consistency

Trained staff offer a menu service that’s quality and taste consistent, makes you come for more!

MAD & Co.

The concept of bubble tea that started out in Taiwan in 1980s made its way to the international market, is now finding its strong base in India. Founded in 2019, MAD & Co. has seen passion for bubble tea travel from the States to the Orient and now to India. The changing lifestyles, along with various health benefits is driving consumers and specifically attracting young adults with its enriching flavours and exquisite menu offering. MAD & Co is emerging as the most recognized bubble tea brand in India with its revolutionizing menu, technology-equipped store systems and a transparent operating model to franchise.

Why MAD & Co

A taste you cannot forget

A brand that’s here to create revolution with bubble tea. Powered by video analytics, digital displays, IoT and billing software in place, the exotic menu is made to allure the Gen Z.

  • Low-fat, vegan, dairy/non-diary with customizable sweetness levels is a treat to savour
  • 100% vegetarian & kid friendly
  • Lean SKU’s
  • A product line with zero wastage with packaging that’s 100% recyclable/biodegradable
  • A 90 sec. preparation with minimal waiting time
  • A store system that monitors to detect and follow staff hygiene, sanitization and social distancing in a digital way
  • Work place SOPs and service reports

Market Opportunities

  • India has one of the world’s largest young adults as consumers
  • Bubble tea market is expected to reach USD 3.2 Billion by 2023.
  • With an expected growth rate of 7.20% in the forecast period 2020 to 2027.
  • Bubble tea predicted to be one of the growth drivers in the F & B category.

Franchise Models

Art Spot(For Malls & IT Parks) Art House(High Streets)
Area Required (SFT) 50-80 Sq Ft 500-800 Sq Ft
Total Investment (Inc. Franchise Fee) 15-17 Lakhs 33-36 Lakhs
Franchise Fees (INR) 6 Lakhs 11 Lakhs
COGS 34% (plus GST@18%) 34% (plus GST@18%)
Royalty 0% 0%
Initial Raw Material Cost Rs. 0/- Rs. 0/-
Profit Margins 25-30% 25-30%
Payback Period Period 12 to 18 monthss 12 to 18 months

Franchise! The Big Idea & Advantage

– Immense untapped potential

– Category growing at a frantic pace

– Well-positioned products for aggressive growth

– Attractive model economics

– Transparent, straight-forward operating model

– Relatively low upfront capital requirements

– Take-out model through delivery and in-store pickup

– Processes, passion and people

– AI-powered technology to monitor safety of the stores, productivity of the employees, customer service

– Attractive packaging with MAD prints, a refreshing change for all the consumers

Franchise and Share the MADness!

MAD & CO is aggressively seeking to further grow its presence as part of a broader expansion plan across India. To be a leading brand in a fast- growing-category. Be part of a compelling investment opportunity, if you want to be a game changer in the F&B and you have an undeniable passion for exotic teas like all of us at MAD & Co. do.


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