The World of Escape Rooms
Unlock The Opportunity

Best of Both

Physical and virtual gaming rooms with immersive themes to choose and engage with.


95% customer comeback

A track record of having customers getting back after their first gaming experience.


Café included

Adding to the escape room experience is a café that allows you to relax and relish food too.



Game master as a guide, offers a live 360-degree view, experience and access to inventory.


Something for Everyone

A variety of customizable themes ensure to cater every age and audience.

Lock N Escape

Lock N Escape is a complete entertainment hub providing live and virtual escape rooms. An escape room, also known as an escape game. A game in which a team of players together discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to progress and accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time. The goal is often to escape from the site of the game.

Located in Hyderabad, Telangana, the brand offers a mix of both live and virtual top-of-the line immersive escape rooms with different themes.

Physical & Virtual - Best of Both Worlds

Be it at our location or from the comfort of one’s own home, one can play
from anywhere and everywhere. There is something for everyone.

Physical Escape Rooms – Themes

The Room of Great Mysto | Quest for the Incredible Stones | The Hurricane Room | The President’s Secret Book | The Time Machine | The Poltergeist Room

Virtual Escape Rooms – Themes

Curse of the Ancient Tomb | The Haunted House | The Forbidden Potion | The Lost Treasure

To top it all off, Lock N Escape has its very own in-house café with board games where anyone can come and eat, play and relax.

The Evolution of Escape Rooms – A Quick Look

The most influential of all escape game genres and the pioneer of what we see today comes from the renowned Crimson Room developed by Japanese maestro Toshimitsu Takagi. Released in Japan in 2004 the game amassed a massive player views, reaching hundreds of millions of players. The game is considered the main inspiration behind the modern-day escape rooms.
SCRAP, a Japanese company, created the first documented escape room in 2007. The concept was much like the one we have today: players were ‘locked’ in a themed room and had to solve a series of puzzles and riddles within a specific time limit to ‘escape’. Its instant popularity resulted in escape games becoming a regular activity in Japan, China and eventually the rest of Asia.
Attila Gyurkovics can be credited for creating Europe’s first escape room. A few years after the first documented room in Japan, Attila Gyurkovics’ Para Park became the pioneering force behind the experimental entertainment industry for Europe. Today there are over 8000 escape rooms worldwide.

The Future of Virtual Escape Rooms

Friends in different continents? Missing out on gaming together? Good news! Launched with an idea to let gamers experience our escape rooms from any part of the world at any time, we have four unique virtual escape room offerings.

Curse of the Ancient Tomb | The Haunted House | The Forbidden Potion | The Lost Treasure

All one needs is to sign in, book a slot and enjoy a game. If you are looking to invest in a completely virtual franchise model, we have it covered. No physical space rent, no maintenance, no overheads. A complete virtual setup designed and customized for you. Pilot tested successfully, breakeven in two months.

The Charm of Physical Escape Rooms

The original model, still drawing escape room enthusiasts and 95% repeat customers. We have six offerings.
The Room of Great Mysto | Quest for the Incredible Stones | The Hurricane Room | The President’s Secret Book | The Time Machine | The Poltergeist Room
We provide custom-made escape room themes to fit individual requirements. Top that up with a virtual experience provided to customers via our state-of-the art tech and facilities. This allows a franchise to cater to different customer preferences. Best of both worlds. Trained game masters ready to handle it all.

Cafe Inspire

Staying true to the evolution and popularity of escape rooms worldwide and inspired by their success, we have our very own Cafe Inspire. Our menu is a mix of international cuisines, thoughtfully curated and presented.

The cafe menu features several international delicacies, including Kürtőskalács – a dish from Budapest, popularly known as chimney cakes; globally popular Brownie Freak Shake – a monstrous mashup of ice cream/waffle; and a first of its kind Cardamom Coffee.

Designed to bring home a choice of international food straight to your franchise location. International in spirit, Indian at heart.

A Franchise would be a Winning Game

Lock N Escape has a perfect mix of business concept, alluring service, end-to-end support and quality that matches international standards.


6 Physical Escape Rooms

A range of immersive themes to choose from and engage with.

4 Virtual Escape Rooms

Play with anyone located anywhere in the world from the comfort of one’s home.

Energetic and Passionate Management Team

We love what we do. Professional and experienced team focused on providing the best experience.


Another unique feature, our game master becomes your game guide and takes you into a different virtual world. 360-degree view of the room and access to inventory.


Game Masters

Crucial components of the overall experience, our game masters are trained and skilled. Their knowledge gives new players time to fully grasp the rules and gives veteran players a chance to get reacquainted with the concept.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Our escape rooms are designed as per world class industry standards and guidelines. Our infrastructure and equipment are the latest and best in the industry.

Positive Customer Reviews

95% of our customers have always come back to play the rest of the games after their very first experience.

Customer Safety

All safety regulations and certifications in place. Timely review and adherence to customer safety parameters.

Something For Everyone

Flexible and can cater to any client or age group. Be it a birthday party or corporate event or team-building exercise or out-and-out fun activity with friends, we have it covered.

Cafe Inspire

In-house cafe serving delicious continental cuisine with an option to customize dishes to suit one’s taste buds.

Market Opportunities

  • Escape rooms is a booming industry that has steadily increased in popularity over the last decade.
  • The scope of growth is tremendous, especially for an emerging and strong market like India.
  • Around the world there are probably over 10,000 escape rooms now in business with more getting added every year.
  • The industry is still very profitable and entrepreneurs report that the cost of launching their first venue pays off within a year.
  • In 2016, India had about 201 million users of mobile games across the country. This was projected to reach about 370 million users by the year 2022, marking a considerable increase in the number of users. This is indicative of a positive trend for the virtual gaming sector as well.
  • In fiscal year 2019, there were 300 million online gamers in India. This number was estimated to go up to 440 million gamers by fiscal year 2022.

Franchisee Profile Requisite

  • Entrepreneurs keen on being a part of the Virtual Gaming Industry with no liability of a physical space requirement
  • Financially capable entrepreneurs with sound financial background and prime space for Physical (live) escape rooms
  • Energetic & passionate entrepreneurs keen on introducing thrilling and adventurous activity in their city
  • Professionals with background in recreational management, physical education or personal training
  • Open-minded and creative professionals with effective communication skills and experience in working with key stakeholders
  • Investors already operating an entertainment centre or gaming zone
  • Investors looking to directly invest into the existing centres for passive investment options without getting into operations

Franchise Models

Model (A)

Franchise owned and franchise operated model (FOFO) – Own and operate your own Lock N Escape Centre and stand out in the market with high returns and attractive ROI with flexible investment options.

Model (B)

Company owned and franchise operated model (COFO) – If you are an Operator and looking to oversee the operations with a select budget, this opportunity is for you to partner with Lock N escape with no investments on the setup. The company owns the centre and you handle the end-to-end operations of the centre.

Model (C)

COCO to FOFO – Take over an existing successful company owned and Company operated Business model (COCO) and turn it into a franchise owned and franchise operated model (FOFO). Higher stakes. Higher returns. Complete control.

Master Franchise & Area Franchise

As an investor, you can choose to invest in any one of the above models and choose to become a Master Franchise or Area Franchise.

Why Master Franchise?

This is BIG! You get complete control over the brand operation in a particular state plus also get to have control over and expand to nearby states. Example, you take over Telangana and get to expand to Andhra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu or Karnataka. You can always set up more centres and sub-franchise them.

Why Area Franchise?

No massive overhead. Focus on a specific defined market area, take control, set up multiple centres, run operations and make the best of it.

Franchise Structure

Area Investment Payback Agreement Term
NO AREA REQUIRED INR 30 lakhs onwards 9 Months 5 years onwards
Area Investment Payback Agreement Term
1500 sq ft onwards INR 43 lakhs and 40 thousand Onwards 12 Months 5 years onwards

Brand Support

A broad outline of the support we extend to all our franchise partners:

  • Operations manual
  • Game development
  • Marketing
  • Training – service operations, standard procedures, accounting etc.
  • POS and backend systems
  • Customer feedback monitoring tools

Live Escape Rooms and Cafe

  • Location scouting and finalizing
  • Architecture and designing guidance
  • Development and construction support
  • Set up and test run of the entire facility
  • Grand launch

Live Streaming of Physical Escape Rooms

  • Full set up of dashboard with 360 view of each escape room and inventory of each escape room

Virtual Escape Rooms

  • Designing of the game as per the requirement and handover of a fully completed game
  • Payment Gateway provided by the Brand
  • Support to provide platform and guidance for hosting virtual corporate events

Why Partner with Lock N Escape?

  • Globally popular business concept with immense scope in India
  • Innovative & interesting game themes, catering to all age groups
  • Professionally managed by a passionate management team
  • Moderate investment opportunity offering attractive returns
  • Multiple revenue sources – Play Zone | Cafe | Corporate Events
  • Comprehensive training, set up & operational support provided


Lock The Deal

Join us as we expand our operations and take the concept of escape rooms to more locations and gamers. With the industry poised to grow and our virtual presence in place, this is a perfect investment opportunity. With trusted customer reviews and a dynamic expansion plan in place, let us create history and change the gaming scene.

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