Join India’s largest online holiday and

travel services company
A Franchise Invested, Company Operated Model

Disruptive and dynamic

Think TripFactory, think breakthrough products in travel industry, offering unlimited packages across world destinations

One-lac travelers per day

TripFactory adds smiles to not less than one-lakh faces on a daily basis, where discerning and enthusiastic travelers availed services to travel and enjoy

Tour the world through global network

From Far East to Americas, Africa to Oceania, we serve the entire globe for you to experience. We do it through 200k outlets at your service, in 49 countries

Best Prices

Always on roll good and cost-effective prices for travelers

Exciting partner opportunities

Join TripFactory to reap our global presence and grow while offering incredible packages mix

Trip Factory

On way to be the world’s largest vacation planning company

TripFactory is the largest online travel and holiday store that has been in the business of offering unlimited and versatile packages to travelers. Over last 15 years, it has brought into its fold vast range of tourism and leisure offerings that include beach, hill stations, culture and heritage, amusement and adventure. With a seamless delivery model that synchronizes our presence across six continents, around 50 countries and 200000 outlets, we serve more than one lakh discerning tourists on a daily basis.

Well-distributed globally and well-connected through efficient network, we offer impressive services through efficiency, innovation and technological excellence

We offer a wide mix of experiences from family holiday, adventure, honeymoon, education tours or a mere solitude to be within yourself at a new destination

Exhaustive menu of Holiday Packages

From the misty Alps to electrifying Dubai evenings, sizzling Egyptian desert to sailing past Pacific waves, our packages cover all experiences and majorly prominent destinations. We offer cost-efficient packages and our packages are an eclectic mix of experiences, perfectly planned to suit different budgets, preferences and duration.

TripFactory helps you customize packages and book holidays, guaranteeing flexibility, value for money and trust and reliability, besides proactive support on all stages

Global Presence

TripFactory today offers holiday packages to destinations across the world. While doing so, it has significantly upped its network and augmented operations with multi-continent presence. Our carefully chosen and objectively empaneled channel partners are responsible to serve tourists through 200000 outlets in six continents and around 50 countries.
Today, we are credited with serving more than lakh tourists in all streams, on a daily basis while millions have found us to be trusted and efficient in planning their holiday.

We customize your holiday in 132 countries, a feat unmatched and unbroken till date

Why Trip Factory

A Franchise Invested, Company Operated Model


An Investment of 25 Lacs that is refundable


Assures you with a guaranteed minimum monthly returns


Operations and expenses are taken care by company

Management, the key pillar

TripFactory boasts of a super-efficient team of senior executives, whose combined vision and efforts have made the company a name to trust in travel industry. With an exceptional track record of serving travel and leisure industry in various capacities, the team anchors key initiatives driving strategies and building capacities to win new markets

Our Franchise team collectively brings with it 150 years of experience in the sector and they hail from some of the topnotch names of the industry in their earlier assignments

TripFactory Values

  • Integrity
  • Speed
  • Proactive
  • Innovative
  • Warmth

Factory of solutions

Travelers prefer local and neighborhoods holiday planners for all needs including ticketing and hotels. Not all local players are efficient and well-connected to handle big travels that include air tickets, multinational itinerary, forex, visa assistance, local stay and conveyance.

TripFactory is the ideal partner with local flavour and global competencies

Online aggregators provide tickets but don’t offer any personalised service and crisis management

At TripFactory, we are proud to be a formidable online platform with a human face, always alert and affectionate in serving you

 Fake agencies thrive

TripFactory enjoys utmost trust with its global presence and consistent mission serving millions on a monthly basis

Unlimited opportunities of growth, partner TripFactory to serve and succeed

With an enviable growth record, more markets waiting to be tapped in holiday sector, TripFactory is on the right path and strategic position to grow faster than ever. As the pandemic eases and travel is picking up globally, the travel sector is getting ready to offer more. This is further fueled by proactive governments, old and new attractions offered together, job market getting better and families planning aggressively to travel after a long break.

TripFactory is set to expand footprint both globally as well as digitally. If you are an enthusiastic professional willing to explore the evergreen travel sector, if you aspire to become a businessman in the industry, if you have the right channel to tap the local markets, then TripFactory is the perfect partner in your mission.

Try TripFactory ?

We at TripFactory are trusted for our practices, presence and performance that help us take channel partners along with us in our success and growth. We apply honest practices coupled with empathy that drive the alliances in the positive direction consistently.

The travel industry is inherently evergreen and always looks up because recreation, holiday and travel are most needed for humans to feel rejuvenated and get bonded with friends and within the family.

Online stores are the future and indispensable mode of transactions. With first-mover advantage and efficient setup, TripFactory offers the best-possible mileage to the partners

Experiment the franchise model, excel in it

  • Complete Digitized Franchise Biz, can be run from anywhere anytime without being physically present
  • Best in industry margins, highest RoI
  • Digital Marketing Support with unparallel support of operations and execution and 50% opex support for 1st year by the brand
  • Complete setup guidance and handholding for first 45 days of operations

TripFactory Support


Best in class digital platform support, one-stop shop all the franchise operations

Brand and visibility

Huge branding and digital marketing activities to keep franchises on the top of the visibility chart

Market and customer acquisition

Marketing and lead generation support, with an assured commitment of 100+ per month

Setup and operations support

Complete setup guidance and handholding for first 45 days of operations

TripFactory - Special support

Completely furnished store

We get into the details of making sure all things are executed to Brand guidelines in a hassle-free way and you get a nice, bright and happy store, with all necessary hardware.

Hiring services

Due to our long presence, association and brand value, we will be able to attract the best-in-class travel professional who will work in tandem with our local and regional and central teams to make the store a huge success. Everyone is trained to guidelines for maximum productivity.

Handover a moneymaking venture

We take complete ownership of all spends and marketing, business sales growth and revenue generation of the store for 90 days and handover a complete nicely running business to the you. We truly care and deliver, not just talk.

Completely furnished store

We get into the details of making sure all things are executed to Brand guidelines in a hassle-free way and you get a nice, bright and happy store, with all necessary hardware.

Niche marketing support

Brand awareness: Comprehensive marketing at airports, radio, television and digital media will be undertaken – frequently and deeper national events initiatives like IPL

Leads Generation

Ensure steady flow of customers by mapping an existing database of thousands of customers and also agents in the region

Public Relations and Community Development

We will be doing significant PR activities, with different parties on the supply side, tourism boards and also local and national associations and newspapers

Franchise Model

What it includes

All interiors

TripFactory will deliver a fully furnished store

Store Manager

We will hire, train and make the store manager productive

Staff and training

Staff and all their needs of training, handholding and providing support


We will assign 5000 customer database and 100 agents, ensuring you have customers even before you open the store

Initial hardware

3 Laptops, one printer, equipment for internet and remote webcam will be provided

Financial Projection and Key Metrics

Item Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Initial investment 25 lacs
Holidays sold / month 80 96 115 138 166
ATV (in lacs) 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.5
Monthly sales 96 124.8 161 207 249
Annual sales 679.2 1497.6 1932 2484 2988
Revenue (6.5%) 44.1 97.3 125.5 161.5 194.2
Yearly growth 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
Operating expenses 38.4 49.2 51.7 54.3 57
Net profit / year 5.75 5.75 73.88 107.2 137.2

Financial Projection and Key Metrics – 1st year growth

Item M M M M M M M M M M M M
Holidays sold / month 20 25 30 35 36 46 48 48 60 66 72 80
ATV in lacs 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2
Monthly sales 24 30 36 42 43 55 57 57 72 86 86 92
Revenue (6.5%) 1.5 1.9 2.34 2.73 2.8 3.6 3.74 3.74 4.68 5.15 5.52 6.24
Operating expenses 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.85 3.1 3.1 3.1 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15
Net profit / month -0.94 -0.55 -0.16 0.23 0.31 0.49 0.64 0.64 0.53 1.0 1.47 2.09

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