Truly Ethnic, Indian Beverages
Irresistibly Delicious.

No Preservatives No Adulterants.

Serving beverages without any preservatives or artificial colour additives. Making it safe for consumption.

No Pasteurization.

Beverages are made without any processing and temperature changes. Thus, retaining the original flavours by using cold preservation method.

100% Hygienic.

Absolutely natural, nutritious, fresh, tasty beverages made in a hygienic way without any preservatives or artificial flavours.

Genuine Ethnic Beverage.

The brand offers natural coconut water and sugarcane juice mixed with different natural fruits. Ethnic beverages made available to millennial population.

Goli Soda

Goli Soda, launched in 2018, introduced natural beverages to quench thirst. Products are priced at affordable cost to encourage repeat customers. Goli Soda is based on the concept of redefining the way India drinks. The idea is to introduce people to healthy and hygienic beverages, especially coconut water and sugarcane juice. These are served with innovative natural blends for enhanced taste coupled with 100% nutrition.

Be it coconut water for a hot summer or the age-old popular Kesar Badam milk, Goli Soda has you covered. The beverages are reasonably priced and are served in reusable glass bottles. Thus, making it environment friendly, easy to carry and hygienic. Our cold preservation methods retain the natural coconut flavour in every drink made.

Irresistibly an Ethnic Franchise to Invest


Truly Ethnic

Natural thirst-quenching options of coconut water and sugarcane drinks served with a twist. Unique concept to attract the millennials and people of all ages.

Ease of Operation

No cooking or processing required. Only fill the bottle and serve the customer. Eliminates the need for skilled chefs.

Quick Set Up

Outlet can be set up within a month. Franchisor support and training provided.

100% Fresh and Hygienic

Natural product, served without processing. Cold preservation method. No chemicals used. Safe and healthy beverage choice.

Our Models

 Unit Franchise
Store Area in Sq. Ft. 100-150 Sq Ft
Franchise Fee 5 lakhs
Interior & Exterior cost
Equipment Cost (Estimated)
7 lakhs
Total Store Setup cost (Including Franchise Fees, Estimated) 12 lakhs
Store Setup Time 3 Weeks
Initial Consumables/stock 20,000
Responsibilities 1.Setup of outlet
2.Operartions according to Golisoda’s Standards
3.Local marketing activities
Royalty No Royality
Manpower 2-3 people
Marketing Contribution 0%
Agreement Period 4 Years
Renewal 4+4
Food Cost 50%
ROI 12-24 Months

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