Franchisees Invited

Extensive Menu

200+ unique varieties of desserts and beverages innovatively prepared and served

Fresh & Natural

No added preservatives, we keep it healthy and natural for you

One of A Kind

Rich, fresh and mind blowing CoCoLicious delicacies, a concept that’s picking up trend

Franchise Expertise

Go nuts over whatever you wish to try, we have kept it tastefully healthy and affordable

The Coco Story

The Coco Story is a specialty quick-service restaurant which offers healthy, natural and nutritious beverages, desserts, ice creams and many more with tender coconut as a hero ingredient. Tender coconut, fresh fruits, delicious chocolates, raisins and nuts are blended in most amazing ways to offer over 200+ lip-smacking varieties.


“The Coco Story” is with the vision to be the trust worthy brand in the Nation to keep the patrons hydrated and make them healthier by providing natural and nutritious products.​


“The Coco Story” is on a mission to be the leading brand with its outlets spread across the Nation to provide healthy and nutritious products made out of Tender Coconut as the hero ingredient.

Why The Coco Story

Product itself is so unique, that it stands for a powerful brand recall and customer repeat!



Quality and Hygiene

We are a quality conscious brand, we keep taste and hygiene quotient high

Affordable Price

Don’t be surprised with the menu exclusiveness in comparison to what one need to pay

Varied Offerings

200+ menu, we promise you will find something new every time to explore

Serves All Day

We understand cravings are unstoppable, and so our outlets are open all through the day

Healthy and Natural

In a health conscious era, the market is looking for a brand and a product like ours!

In-house team

Market-fresh ingredients and every delicacy prepared by an in-house team, served fresh on the table!

Spellbound Interiors

A comforting ambience for the customers to chill, relax and enjoy CoCoLicious dishes

Franchise Details

Kiosk Model

  • Required area: 150 Sq.ft
  • Franchise Fee:  1.5 lakhs
  • Total investment: 7.1 lakhs (including Frnachise fee)
  • ROI:  1 yr
  • Royality:  5%
  • Agreement term: 5yrs

Hi-street Model

  • Required area: 200 Sq.ft
  • Franchise Fee:  2.3 lakhs
  • Total investment: 10 lakhs (including Frnachise fee)
  • ROI:  1 yr 3 months
  • Royality:  5%
  • Agreement term: 5yrs

QSR Model

  • Required area: 500 Sq.ft
  • Franchise Fee:  3 lakhs
  • Total investment: 21 lakhs (including Frnachise fee)
  • ROI:  1 yr
  • Royality:  5%
  • Agreement term: 5yrs

Master Franchise

  • Royalty Share: 50%
  • Master Franchise Fee:  10 Lakhs
  • Total investment(approx): 31lakhs
  • Average Payback period:  1yr 6months
  • Agreement term: 5yrs

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