Franchisees Invited

Un frozen & Fresh

Find a complete 100% satisfaction with the quality, and meat in its fresh form delivered.

100% Chemical-free

We are the only online meat brand selling chemical-free meat daily.

Net Weight Promise

We charge only for what you buy; the net weight promise.

Contactless Process & Delivery

From safe water use to high-quality packaging, we believe in hygiene at every step.


We are one of the fastest growing brands for scrumptious fresh chicken, mutton, fish and seafood hygienically handled and delivered to customers in Hyderabad. Our products come with a promise of 100% quality satisfaction. Our 24/7 customer service ensure that you are served well and are not kept waiting for long. We have an in-house highly experienced cutting and processing executives who follow hygiene protocols to keep it clean and ready-to-cook.

We are a brand that is setting the city of Hyderabad and Secunderabad on fire, with our quality. No surprise that our franchise model is picking a lot of attention, and we are here to expand!


Why Partner Onlymeat?

We are a brand that runs ONLY on freshness and hygiene. Healthy is the way we nurture our products from the start.

We have only the fresh, and sell only that’s fresh! From farm to customers, freshness is maintained in a natural way
100% halal certified
Naturally born breed and grazed on farm lands, healthy mutton is what you get on the table
Chicks are naturally-raised and fed with nutritious grains, sourced directly from poultry farm
Seafood (fish) are nurtured in farms with AI control for PH balance
No wastage, no preservatives, 100% tender products
We offer the lowest price on the online space, with a quality that’s never compromised
A same day order replacement or 100% money refund, for a unhappy customer. And it rarely happens!

Franchise Engagement Details

Franchise Model Type FOCO
Area Required 700-1000 SFT
One Time Investment Cost 29 Lakhs
Agreement Term 6 Years
ROI (From 4th Month of store launch) 6% on Revenue

*Note: The Franchise also has to pay the rental advance which may vary based on various factors.

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