Multiple tastes for multitude of food lovers

Taste the success, serving trends

At Multi Bites, we have integrated most happening food services, that include dine in and delivery, to suit different needs

World of cuisine, on your plate

Multi Bites has outgrown its stature of a humble food services company, today offering multitude of world cuisines for diverse palates

Central kitchen, a revolutionary idea

Multi Bites has mastered the kitchen art, operating state-of-the-art large kitchen to cater to different outlets, ensuring uniformity and quality recall

Own Online delivery

Multi Bites operates branded aggregator services, that reduce its overheads and also assure same advantage to franchise partners

Hyderabad’s favourite

Multi Bites today attracts consistent popularity and growing patronage across its outlets in Hyderabad

Indulge in exhaustive world cuisines, dine or have it delivered

Hyderabad-based Multi Bites is a young yet energetic player that has redrawn the food services business strategies, blending wide range of cuisines with variety of service models. In doing so, Multi Bites has effectively turned the first mover advantage into growing market and mindshare, where food lovers look forward to experience lavish varieties served at convenience.

Multi Bites has assorted food categories, all knit into one happening place, that offers everything from South Indian breakfast to sizzling coffees to Biryani indulgence to patisserie. This has been made possible by our pioneering centralized kitchen which serves cooked and semi-cooked foods to our outlets assuring same standards that surpass our customer expectation.

Today, Multi Bites is all set to expand its wings to newer geographies that are yet to be tapped and offer great prospect for us and our partners, together

Tasty brands – tuned into one

Why Multi Bites for food lovers


Catering to broad array of tastes


Offering relaxed dining, take aways and online delivery


Central kitchen with accomplished chefs


No-slack season or low tide as food is indispensable part

Variety served fresh and tasty

  • From breakfast to patisserie, beverages to full-course meal, Multi Bites serves global menu
  • We have six offerings to suit a broad array of tastes and food preferences
  • We boast of perfect preparation with appropriate ingredients and by specialist chefs
  • Attractive and expansive menu today blends with popular and signature varieties that win us loyal customer base
  • Assortment of mouthwatering breakfast delicacies
  • Sourced from different geographies and cultures to appeal to cosmopolitan crowd
  • Traditional South Indian attractions to international brunches
  • On offer breakfast combo, appetisers, salads, pizzas, burgers and sandwiches, to name a few
  • Perfect place for Chai lovers with delightful snacks
  • Extensive assortment of chai and other beverages, and snacks
  • Homemade chai feel delivered in modern café style
  • No artificial flavours, and best ingredients are sourced
  • Tastes of Asia delivered on a plate
  • Luscious sip to sumptuous meal spread
  • Covering Oriental, Middle Eastern and South Eastern
  • Grand collection on the menu card, from signature soups to legacy of curries
  • The world of kababs, curries and biryanis
  • Exotic mix of lavish delicacies capturing native tastes of different regions
  • Signature succulent bites, aromatic and attractively dressed and packed
  • First choice among people of various walks of life
  • Special curries and accompaniments, our specialty
  • City’s premium brand offering freshly baked cakes, pastries, desserts and breads
  • Known for richness and freshness in taste
  • Soul of South with a specific Telugu touch
  • Local flavours covering timeless regional delicacies
  • Breakfast item to sweetmeats, full-course lunch to rare dishes
  • Feel of grandma’s recipes

Central Kitchen

  • Large centralized kitchen
  • Semi-automated and fully equipped over an area of 15000 sq feet
  • Food prepared under all the six signature categories
  • Specialist chefs and trained workforce
  • Adhering to highest levels of safety and health standards
  • ISO:22000 and HACCP certified
  • 10,000 meals per session and more than 20,000 meals per day

Optimise the unmatched business for a successful franchise model

Partner Us

Multi Bites offers a profitable business model proposition to interested partners across AP, Telangana and Karnataka. We have amalgamated all the food service models into one promising brand, that will continue to surge ahead despite any pandemics or other socio-economic situations.

The growing population in urban centres and changing habits have ensured rapid rise in the number of people who order food, eat out and also pick parcels. Multi Bites model merges these concepts seamlessly and extends the benefits to the partners associating with us in new outlets

We ensure relatively lower costs on chefs as our central kitchen takes care of the core. Besides, our wide course on the menu card always keeps us ahead and active, as customers can choose different tastes at a single point

Food Industry - growing and growing faster

Together let us make the most of the growing food services market that is projected to grow at 18% CAGR, in next four years. The large and growing population of youngsters, working professionals, officegoers contribute immensely to the business. Also, a change in thinking and culture is acting as a catalyst, where more households today look for food outside homes, and more regularly too.

Currently only a section of Indian metros are tapped in this direction, while these cities along with several promising tier 2 and 3 cities wait to be exploited.

Partner advantages

Multi Bites’ growing popularity and patronage offers a high-altitude start

Hyderabad market, unexplored and untouched hitherto, offers large potential to serve wide varieties under one roof

Central Kitchen makes job easier- food is cooked and delivered to the destination, it is just semi-processed, packed and delivered at the Franchise store

Diverse cuisines at one point draw several categories of food lovers, increasing the business potential

Operational and business advantages for franchises

  • Easy setup
  • Less operational costs
  • Guidance from Multi Bites
  • Untapped markets offer great scope of growth
  • Central kitchen and semi-cooked food reduce operational and human resource burdens

Multi Bites - Responsibilities


Enjoy Brand support

Complete Set up

From designs to ready-to-operate


Reap from takeaway offers

Prime visibility of the outlet through unique offers

Brand Loyalty Integration

All offers integrated under one platform

Loyalty Programmes

To boost sales, increase mindshare and recall, and footfalls

Loyalty Programmes

To boost sales, increase mindshare and recall, and footfalls

Delivery Marketplace and Marketing Support

Technology-driven delivery platform for order fulfilment

Marketing Support

Subscription marketing with technology integration for sales growth

Tech support

Software assistance

Advertising and Promotion

Complete promotion support for franchise, positioning to collaterals to advertising

Workforce training

Induction training and periodical upskilling activities

Why partner with us

  • Multi Bites is today a growing name in its patronage and prominence model due to the successfully tried, tested and profitable model mix.
  • Be ensured of franchise model where ROI is faster and costs are efficiently returned due to captive kitchen
  • Our menu is derived from research and studies to suit the trends and tastes
  • Multi Bites backing and support with a centralised team of 50+

Franchise Business Model

  • On offer strategically beneficial and a promising Franchise Model
  • Associate with Multi Bites and reap fresh yields from the burgeoning food service market
  • Join hands to delight food lovers with all the Multi Bites categories on platter
Franchise Financials
Area Required 350 SFT
Total Project Cost (INR) ~17.45 Lakhs
Franchise Fees (INR) 4.5 Lakhs + GST
Food Cost ~50%
Royalty 4%
ROI (5 Years) 95%
Payback Period 18 Months
Agreement Term 5 Years

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