Franchisees Invited

Centralized Kitchen

Quality, taste, and ease of operations served in its best form

Hybrid Business Model

Treat yourself with the potential of two income streams under the cost of one franchise

Mobile Partner-APP

Experience the ease of material order through an in-house APP, exclusive for franchise partners

Well-Thought Menu

Menu options are planned and designed according to customer demand and sales


Mr. Matka is Hyderabad’s most popular fast food brand that serves Indian, Mexican and Korean food with a twist of serving them in a Matka. Started as a street cart the brand took off to have its first outlet opened within a span of seven months. Matkazza, corn dog, sandwiches, desserts, wraps and more served like you have never experienced before. Mr. Matka brings the opportunity of having two different products food and ceramics under one entity, making it a multiple revenue model for franchisees to expand and grow faster. With a centralized kitchen, one can save on high skilled staff, optimize operations, and be relieved to offer food with consistent quality.

Why Partner Mr. Matka?


A multiple revenue business model offers high ROI


Centralized kitchen ensures you be trouble-free when it comes to quality, consistency and zero food wastage


Save on time and cost with a specialized Mr. Matka Partner APP for raw materials supply, apart from sourcing some directly from vendors


Our sauces and spices are prepared in-house at the centralized kitchen


Menu options are prepared and kept dynamic based on sales, with a centralized control


We set the menu after an in depth research on the current market trends and get the pulse of our audience right


Brand repute and an incredible customer connect in Social Media are a result of our service, and you can leverage on it


Our newest dish called ``matkazza`` has picked up trend and customers are making it famous

Franchise Partner Support

After the outlet launch all our franchise partners provided with the following:

  1. One staff from the main kitchen will be allotted 15 days in your outlet to help with operations
  2. Support and help with Zomato, Swiggy order management
  3. Standard Operations Procedures Manual is provided
  4. Daily raw materials ordering indent processed through the mobile application
  5. Continuous marketing support on social media platforms

Franchise Model

A hybrid franchise model with Food and Retail (Ceramics) is designed to make the best of market opportunities available.

Investment (approx.) INR 10 Lakhs
Area required 280-300 Sq.ft.
Franchise fee INR 1 Lakh
Kitchen equipment INR 4 Lakhs
Interiors cost INR 4 Lakhs
Electricity & plumbing INR 50,000
Royalty 7%
ROI 13-15 months
Miscellaneous (Uniform, CCTV, licenses and software INR 50,000

We are a fast growing and a highly adaptable brand when it comes to our customers. Partner to explore the potential and expand together. Mr. Matka is all about that!

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