Perfect business model, packaged for you

A trend, catching up well and fast

From school meals to corporate lunches, grand events to government programmes, packed food is fast-picking up due to its natural advantages and less operational pangs

A Lunch Box, the latest

Cooked with high-quality ingredients, packed hot and delivered fresh, A Lunch Box ensures taste and convenience, to benefit you at every stage

Mixing dine-in and delivery

A Lunch Box captures the fine balance of dine in and online delivery models, facilitating best of both worlds for business partners

Perfect for large orders

When your food order reaches massive levels, isn’t it wiser for the host to deliver packed foods, reducing chaos, delays and cost?

Right business opportunity, right time

Join us as partners, take the Lunch Box forward and reap benefits in evergreen food services business, with a special focus on online delivery

A Lunch Box

Packed food, relishing popularity and patronage

The word Lunch Box has a great nostalgic feeling attached to it. Remember those school days where the young hearts waited to unbox the mother’s love and affection, or relive the office days, where the busy morning schedule is made meaningful with the hearty lunch cooked by the dear ones.

A Lunch Box renews the emotion with the food lovers and seekers of convenience by offering diverse tastes and delicacies, packaged and delivered fresh.

Based out of Hyderabad, A Lunch Box was incepted in 2015 to serve food services seekers looking to have fresh and fast lunch, well-cooked, well-cooked and delivered at the doorstep. Catering to large customer base across the business hubs of Hyderabad, A Lunch Box quickly captured the market share as well as creating curiosity in discerning business partners seeking to associate with the company.

A Lunch House boasts of inhouse and elaborate kitchen complemented by accomplished chefs, and delivery and operational teams, lending it an unmatched first mover advantage.

A Lunch Box is known for serving large and prestigious orders that comprise Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016, World Telugu Conference 2017, IKEA store launch 2018, International Tennis Premier League 2016 and so on.

Bridging the gap with own branded online delivery

From a known B2B player serving large corporates and institutions, today A Lunch Box is actively foraying into B2C segment, serving dine-in as well as online delivery seekers. A Lunch Box has reworked its strategy by focusing stronger on the hybrid model, but with own delivery mechanism. We have invested time and money in this aspect to operate in-house asset of delivering food from our nearest store, through disruptive technology.

This not only helps us earn a loyal base to customized personal services, but also help prospective franchise partners to optimize technology, brand name and customer base eventually.

A Lunch Box offers an attractive and fetching business opportunity for prospective partners to expand footprint and extend services for mutual growth across newer geographies

Our Services

  • Catering
  • Corporate
  • Subscription

A Lunch Box strengths


First-mover advantage

Since we pioneered the concept and popularized it with sustainable and scalable operations, we stand to gain advantage both on market as well as partnership fronts

Captive delivery systems

A Lunch Box delivers food through cloud, through its branded online service. This of course complements our dine in facilities

Flexibility in expansion

We expand faster than one can imagine! A kitchen and delivery mechanism are all that we concentrate effectively, spreading easily anywhere

Prestigious Portfolio

Our columns shine bright with prestigious event names and corporate brands, enhancing our brand worth and credibility quotient

Diverse dishes

A Lunch Box cooks and delivers a wide range of Indian and foreign dishes and delicacies, suiting to the palate of various categories

Partner us

Experience popularity, extract profitability

  • Join A Lunch Box as a partner and extend the dine in and delivery services to untapped markets
  • Potential largely unexploited across Hyderabad, other tier 2 cities of AP and Telangana, and other major cities in other states
  • A Lunch Box comes with established network, experience and technological strengths, making service deliverance and setup easier for partners
  • Proven business strategies and practices get you a high-altitude take off
  • Low-cost model and easily scalable
  • Reap early advantage and popular trends

Why packed food beats seasons?

  • Simple! Hunger is universal and has no end
  • More people slanting towards fast bites where safety and quality are ensured
  • Packed foods are socially ideal, easily carriable and cost effective

Why delivery and dine-in integrated model is the role model?

  • Customers who have experienced one service have enough recall to experience the other model in future
  • Loyalty has been found to be at appreciable levels if we ensure taste, timely delivery and timely loyalty programmes and offers
  • Customers ready to experience online delivery due to time and distance issues

Franchise responsibilities

  • Space to cater to dine in facilities and kitchen, strategically located
  • Chefs, restaurant support staff and delivery partners with two-wheelers
  • Tech support team and appropriate setup to handle cloud-driven deliveries

A Lunch Box Support


On boarding on to A Lunch Box Website

Complete handholding from planning to launch

Online Aggregators

Creating seamless online mechanism to handle orders

Marketing Support

Marketing and promotion assistance including business development, advertising and market-connect initiatives

Onsite Training

Workforce training and upskilling

Kitchen Setup

The most important and integral part gets appropriate attention from A Lunch Box

Procurement of Packing Material

Packaging needs special attention and A Lunch Box provides the best help

Camera Surveillance System

Surveillance and other electronic monitoring support


Business leads, recommendation and conversion assistance

Advertising and Promotion

Complete promotion support for franchise, positioning to collaterals to advertising

Workforce training

Induction training and periodical upskilling activities

Franchise Cost

Setup your very own Lunchbox Kitchen by partnering with us

Item Price (INR)
Franchisee Fee 3,00,000
Interiors 1,50,000
Kitchen Equipment & Furniture 4,50,000
Computers, CC TV & Installation 45,000
Licenses 25,000
Miscellaneous 30,000
Total 10,00,000*

*The consolidated cost covers only cloud set up / online delivery model. For retail space for dine in service set up, the expenditure varies and also depends on per square foot

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