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Homemade Signature Sauce | Freshly Baked Buns | Melted Cheese| Leaned Meat Grilled Patty | Wide Product Range | Hot n Cold Beverages on The Go


Product Design

Our offering and readiness are bolstered by a robust and broad product catalogue. We have SOPs for 150+ burgers, 30+ of which have sold at least 10,000 times.

SOP & Technology

We manage a perfect cultural transition with over 1200 SOPs. We are a tech-first food company that has deployed 15+ APIs across the domain as well as hardware advances.

Best Burger Tag

We are recognised as the greatest burgers in six out of thirteen cities. We expect to dominate the Grilled segment, in addition to the Value segment.

Physical Presence

We have experience with a wide range of demographics in ten states and are expanding. These cities’ populations and lifestyles have been drastically altered. The shortest path to cover all of our locations is 6000 kilometres.


Market Leader In Grilled Burger

For some cities, we’re the McDonald’s, while for others, we’re the solution to a grilled burger. We hold the exclusivity of selling genuine Burgers in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, and Bokaro.



We’ve generated revenues on par with major burger chains at four of our 23 sites. Our EBIDTA is far superior than any of our competitors, thanks to an optimal OPEX and a highly driven mid management.

Diversified Product Knowledge

Experience of detailed lifecycle on the product across domain.


Whether it’s a competitive moment or a competitive demographic, we’ve not only survived but also expanded regularly as a bootstrapped company.


Since 2011

Biggies Burger has had several success stories since its inception in 2011, when it transitioned from a small kiosk to a cafe concept. It has reached a milestone to be renowned as India’s best-grilled burger cafe.

Biggies Burger, a subsidiary of Beamer Food & Beverages Pvt Ltd, is the fastest growing burger café chain in the country, with over 50 locations across ten states.

With its unique relishing offering and great customer satisfaction levels, the brand now wants to open 100 more stores across India by 2022, with ambitions to expand its operations to other countries and is all geared up to be the most trusted & valued Burger brand in India.



10 years of industry experience.


More than 3 Million patrons being served.


Advanced technology driven smart kitchen.


Strong R&D.


High quality, HACCP certifified raw material.


Omni channel source of revenue: Dine-in, Takeaway & Delivery.


Quicker ROI.


Light Capex & Light Opex.

Market Overview:

The size of the Indian Food Services Market (organized & unorganized) was estimated at INR 3,37,500 Crore in 2017, growing at a CAGR of 8% between 2013 and 2017 and projected to grow at a CAGR of 10% over the next 5 years to reach INR 5,52,000 Crore by 2022.

The consumption volume in the industry increased at a CAGR of 5.2% between 2013 and 2017, to reach a total of 59.9 billion transactions in 2017. In 2022, the Indian food service industry is forecasted to have a volume of 77 billion transactions, an increase of 28.5% since 2017.

Growth Factors:

Increasing urbanization | Rapid expansion in food delivery services | Expanding young & working population | Growing number of dual-income families | Rising disposable income | Ever Increasing Fast Food Population

Roles & Responsibilities

Staff Hiring & Handling YES NO
Staff Training  NO YES
Technology Adoption NO YES
 Packaging Solution NO YES
Kitchen Set up NO YES
Accounting & Operation YES NO
Product and R&D NO YES
New Brand Innovation NO YES
Sales Analysis & Monthly Report NO YES
Marketing Planning NO YES
Online & D2C Aggregator Tie up NO YES
Raw Material Supply NO YES
Raw Material Order YES NO

The Process




Letter of Intent to be Finalised
Location Search & Finalisation
Franchise Agreement
Rental Agreement
Rent Free Period Starts Post Handover


DAY 15

Advance 50% for:
Kitchen Equipment
Infrastructure Work
DAY 30 Electronic Items: AC, TV, CCTV, etc



DAY 45

Full & Final Payment for:
Kitchen Equipment
Marketing & Staff Salary
Staff Room Advance

Support To Franchise

Location/property identification based on internal and outsourced industry experts.

Supply chain management from warehouse to the store.

R&D on new products innovation and improvisation.

End to end marketing assistance.

End to end packaging material (burger box, packaging cover, butter paper etc.

Online marketing & management by the company (zomato, facebook, instagram, swiggy etc).

D2C : National Level Tie up with Gupshup & Dotpe.

Regular training and audit support.

End to end software provision (POS, MUSIC, application etc).

Strategy & planning for incremental in stores revenue.

Events / competitions and customer engagement program (10 lac customer reach, 15000 comment & 2700 likes ).)

Social media marketing, Pre-launch, post launch activities at the store.

Franchise Financials

Area Required 400 SFT 700 SFT
Total Project Cost* 19-22 Lakh 25-27 Lakh
Franchise Fees 6 Lakh 6 Lakh
Royalty 4% on Revenue 4% on Revenue
ROI 20-24 Months 20-24 Months

* Total Project cost is inclusive of franchise fees


Biraja Rout
Founder, Growth

  • 6+ Years of IT automation experience that enables strong commitment to SOP & adoption of technology as an aspect to grow of the brand. At the age of 23, started Biggies Burger in 2011 with an investment of 1.2 lacs INR & spent 5 years on SOPs, product catalogue before scaling up the model.
  • Strong corporate relation in procurement, customizing the products as per the need & perception of the product. Has been leading the branding, technology & marketing along with innovation in the brand since last 10 years.

C Abilash
Co-founder, Operations

  • 10 Years of experience from the leaders in retail domain handling product life cycle roles of leading Indian & International brands, found myself enriched with entrepreneurial skills as an added feather to my hat.
  • Passion in retail & food helped Biggies Burger flourish into new markets, Establishing various SOP’s in areas of cost optimization for the organization, Researching and implementing new directives for business growth. Develop, implement, and monitor day-to-day operational systems and processes that provide visibility into goals, progress, and obstacles for key initiatives.

Sandeep Satpathy
Co-founder, Expansion

  • Having 9+ years of experience in front end retail industry taught the art of extracting the best even at the time of crisis.
  • People management and roping in investors , not by selling but by earning them has been the key factor and his strength . Embedded with high moral values of not letting people down and rise up to the demands has been on top of his priorities.
  • Leading by example by religiously following ethics has been influential in retaining manpower and making them learn the value of integrity and creating a positive work atmosphere since last 7years.
  • Has lead on optimizing the infra and setup cost for a quicker ROI.

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