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Urban Dhaba Concept

Experience the true flavour and culture of North Indian Dhaba, in taste and feel!

Exclusively North

A menu that’s authentically North, presents you with every delicacy you want.

Multi-revenue stream

Corporates buffet, events to packed parcels, there is room to provide for catering too.


Our brand is associated with leading delivery platforms.

Multi-option models

Franchise models strategically designed in four variants, to absolutely fit your need.


The Dhaba

Norfest The Dhaba intends to create locally and organically grown world class global concept in QSR food segment, specially focusing upon the popular Dhaba culture of North India and Sindh region. Norfest is here to provide customers not just food but an experience of what they deserve at cost what they desire.

When it comes to restaurant or a QSR outlet, it’s all about taste and ambience. We have remained true to the menu and keep innovating varieties. Different store formats of Norfest, its geographical presence and expertise in business makes it a delightful brand to engage with!

Market Opportunities

  • The food service industry is forecasted to reach USD 95.75 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 10.3% during the forecast period of 2021-2026.
  • The India foodservice sector has witnessed an exceptional growth in the past decade and continues to expand during the forecast period- 2021-2026.
  • The markets are driven by young and working population leaving a tremendous scope for food and delivery joints.
  • The taste preference shifting to Indian and spicier palates is a welcome change for the menu we offer
  • Retail spaces impact and help enhance growth and open up avenues for local brands to expand.
  • Shopping, casual outings, theme parties, events, team meetings to family dinning; the varied occasions and customer habits to dine out or order food, has left the markets to grow consistently.
  • Food delivery platforms have opened up scope for restaurants and other QSR units to cater to customers in spite of COVID situations, where online food order and deliver has become a way of life too.

Franchise Business Models

Norfest Xpress Standalone Model Highway Model Cloud Model
Area Required (SFT) 200+ 500+ 1000+ 500+
Total Project Cost (INR) 13.96 Lakhs 24.11 Lakhs 30.24 Lakhs 18.03 Lakhs
Franchise Fees (INR) 4 Lakhs +GST 5 Lakhs +GST 5 Lakhs +GST 4 Lakhs +GST
Payback Period 1 Year 2 Months 1 Years 7 Months 1 Years 11 Months 1 Years 9 Months
Agreement Term 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years

Franchise! Exclusive Store Formats

Norfest stands out in its approach. We have exclusive business models to gain maximum business in accordance to the area, customer preference and what sells.

Norfest Cloud Kitchen

  • Substantiate sales through a multi-brand model optimizing on resources. Where the customer is provided with a palate of cuisines with main ingredients derived from our North Indian brands.
  • Preferred location in between densely populated high-rise tech savvy young crowd.

Norfest Xpress

With two variant formats, compact restaurants are planned targeting Malls and high streets.

  • Typically 20-30 seater compact placed with transparent kitchen and dining area designed to give a modern dhaba feel.
  • Designed for inside and outside the Malls, these two formats are preferred for Malls or Standalone places where the food craving is high and where eating out culture exists.

Also valid for inside Multi-Tenant Corporate Buildings.

Master Franchise

We have created our playbook for all the customer needs with complete market understanding and clarity. Looking at the demand and supply scenario, we have customized master franchise models for each city (available on request).

With great customer feedbacks and on customer demands, we serve to all kinds of events be it social weddings to Sangeet to birthdays etc. From corporate buffets to packed food lunch boxes our Master Franchisee would be provide with a complete support to set-up a catering arm in their area.

Norfest Standalone

Malls, Multi-tenant corporate offices or independent main roads with heavy flow of traffic would be the targeted place. This concept presents in itself a fine dining experience. The delicious food served with subtle gentleness has vouched for our VOW experience from customers across cultures.

The Highway Model

Away from the chaos of the city, this is a new age concept designed to provide customers the soothing feel to rejuvenate the aroma of our delicacies in an ever refreshing way.

  • This model is to target the on-the-go traveler crowds, for them to experience and relish food in a laid back and relaxed manner.
  • The outlet would be designed to suit the moods of the people to make it a real north Indian Dhaba fest with bliss of being local.

Note: This could be created as either a garden dhaba restaurant on Highways on city ends for people to take pleasure in a natural and relaxed way of eating, out away from the city’s glamour OR as designed stop-overs on major highways, for travellers to have good delicious healthy food in a homely environment, while travelling long distances.

Partner To Celebrate Food

Passionate professionals with a dream to set your feet in authentic food business, come partner to witness the journey of a proven Franchise Model and grow the brand in all dimensions and witness your business flourish with time!

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