Franchisees Invited

Competitive Mix

Scoops, sundaes, pre-packs, cakes, fruit shakes; there is something for everyone’s delight.


Vibrance, liveliness and an attractive atmosphere, complements every celebration of yours.

Legacy & Accolades

Fantasy Foods Pvt. Ltd. our parent company carries a credibility of serving consumers for over 2 decades.

No Lean Period

A concept, an ambience with a differentiated menu offering, can see absolutely no lean periods.

Innovation Unlimited

With menu additions every month, you get to taste something new in every visit.

Celebrations 365

Celebrations 365 is an ice cream parlour concept that was initiated with an idea to offer ice creams in an appealing atmosphere that’s vibrant, lively and entertaining. With the leadership team having more than 4 decades of experience in ice cream industry, the best practices are brought into the successful functioning of Celebrations 365. What makes the brand stand out is the store design, colour themes, product offering with an unbeatable variety and innovation. Started in the year 2016 we are spread across Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Karimnagar and are here to expand further.

Why Celebrations 365

With innovation and authenticity as core values and a legacy of unparallel experience in the industry, it is a brand that’s here to expand and stay.


Effective Management

Huge amount of experience in ice-cream industry capable enough to track the challenges in the industry

In-house production facility

Equipped enough to provide stocks to 50-100 outlets

Continued innovation

New and innovative flavours introduced every month

Well-established parent company

Fantasy foods Pvt. Ltd. has been in business since last 20 years and has won National awards in different ice cream segments

Wide product range

Cold stone sundaes, scooping, designer sundaes, pre-packs, thick shakes, cakes all under one roof a unique value proposition offered by the brand with no competitors

Market Opportunities

  • India’s ice cream market, one of the fastest growing markets in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region
  • According to IMRAC report, the ice cream market is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17% in the period 2021-2026
  • A product category and concept that is well accepted across ages
  • Almost gets to see no lean periods in business leading to an easy ROI

Franchise! Celebrate the Advantage

  • Product category falls under the high growth sector
  • Most sought-after option for celebrating any occasion across ages
  • Led by a visionary management team with ample in-depth industry knowledge to take on any challenge
  • More than 30 lip smacking flavours and 20+ cold stone sundaes
  • Kiosk and parlour models to pick the one that best suits your interest
  • Franchisor support in terms of store set-up, design, staff training and assured supplies

Franchise Models

Format FOFO(Franchise owned franchise operated) Product Offerings Area In Sq.Ft Investment Range(Inclusive of franchise fee) Payback Period
Kiosk/Studio(Malls & Multiplexes) Scooping,Thikshakes, Sundaes, Cakes 80-100 Rs 10 Lakhs(Including 3 Lakhs franchise fee) 2 Years
Parlour Entire Product Range 200-400 Rs 8 Lakhs(Including 5 Lakhs franchise fee) 2 Years
Multi Unit(3 outlets in 2 years) Entire Product Range Depends on type(10% Discount in franchise fee to be given)

Investment Breakdown

Kiosk Studio
Kiosk Cost Of Interiors* 250,000
Equipment 150,000
Branding,Launch,Preopening Marketing Cost(Offline & DIgital),Signage,Training etc. 200,000/td>
Franchisee Fee 300,000/td>
Consumable Goods(Ice cream stock) 100,000/td>
Total Project Cost 10,00,000/td>
Parlour Cost Of Interiors* 700,000
Equipment 250,000
Branding,Launch,Preopening Marketing Cost(Offline & DIgital),Signage,Training etc. 250,000/
Franchisee Fee 500,000/
Consumable Goods(Ice cream stock) 100,000/
Total Project Cost 18,00,000/

Franchise The Coolest Concept.

With a rapid expansion plan in vision complemented by a delightful menu that consumers would love to keep coming for, here is your chance to make your dream of owning a happening business come true.


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